Letter: No rationalizing away GE's bad behavior

No rationalizing away GE's bad behavior

To the editor:

I would like to thank Robert F. Jakubowicz for taking the words right out of my mouth in regards to his April 15 op-ed column on the hypocrisy of General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt ("Immelt in no position to lecture Sanders.")

GE swindled this and many other local economies, and it is beyond me how Immelt can defend it in such an inaccurate and condescending way. Of course, it easy to argue for personal interest (it's certainly a default setting in most of us), but to claim it is done with the interest of others is fallacious and irresponsible.

The political landscape is and has been changing for quite some time, which seems obvious but is a necessary statement in this context. Though Bernie Sanders has a penchant for hyperbole, Immelt seems to be missing the point. Our climate and environment, as well as our economy, have been decimated by the actions of GE and other corporations.

This isn't to say it's strictly their fault. Each one of us has a responsibility to others and to our environment. But with all the influence gained through wealth and innovation by these corporations; that is, by the blood, sweat, and tears of the millions of unheard and/or silenced workers' voices, we have no choice but to work together and realize where it is we are going wrong.

If we fail in stepping up and changing our ways, who knows if tomorrow's children will forgive us for our inertia and arrogance.

Gerard Hitchens, Pittsfield The writer is a student at Berkshire Community College.


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