Letter: No room in school for bullies


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Someone I love very much is going into middle school this fall. He's told me more than once that he's afraid because of the problems with bullying. So this letter is to school bullies everywhere, the Berkshires and beyond.

Do your parents train you to be bullies? Do they influence you? Encourage you? Do your parents teach you to hit and punch people or do you have some other mentor? Do your parents actually believe it's OK? Are you feeling so miserable about yourselves that you believe making life miserable for others is the key to your happiness? Have you no re-
spect or consideration that bullying can go from time spent in the principal's office and suspension from school to time behind bars? Can you honestly look deep inside yourselves and say from the depths of your soul that bullying makes you feel more like a man or a woman? Well you know what? It doesn't!

Bullying doesn't make you grown up! It makes you look evil and inhuman! You're just displaying your own inner weakness, insecurity, loneliness and low self-respect. The mean things you say and do to your victims apply to no one but yourselves! Is that satisfying to you?

School is supposed to be a place where kids can go and feel safe, secure and have fun while being educated. A place where parents can have peace of mind sending their kids every day without worrying about their safety. Bullying is depriving them of that. If you bullies are feeling bad about yourselves bring your emotions to adults who can help you, like your school guidance counselor or a professional outside school.

And to parents of school bullies who deny their actions and make excuses, what kind of role models are you for your children? Don't kids pick up on things from their parents? Aren't you their first teachers? Are you more interested in bonding with your friends rather than with your own children -- especially by cell phone and text message?

Childhood goes around one time, and every child deserves to have a good one. Some twists and turns, some bumps and detours along the way, but without the horror of being targeted in school. Lift your heads out of the mud and to the sky, school bullies. There's no room in schools for violence and it needs to end immediately.




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