Letter: No tax break for Cariddi Mill owner

No tax break for Cariddi Mill owner

To the editor:

The New Year has just begun, and already Mayor Richard Alcombright has raised our taxes. Now there is a is proposal for the new owner of the Cariddi Mill to receive a five-year tax break. And why? Did the new owner ask for the tax break?

Does he need the tax break? I don't think so. Any developer that can put on a party and charge $200 a person and bus people to the party from down county with a caterer from Williamstown is wealthy enough not to need a tax break.

If his plans for the mill are so precarious that it depends on a tax break then let him take his chances on the project. The taxpayers that really need and deserve a tax break the most, are the homeowners of the city, especially the elderly and underpaid workers.

If granted this break it will be the third time a tax break was given to rich developers in the past three years. Each of these tax breaks have fallen on the backs of homeowners and business. To add insult to injury, how about all the nonprofits that do not pay any taxes and continue to reap the benefits of the city public services of North Adams.

Also, not to mention all of the huge pay increases that the mayor has give out over the past four years which has also come at the expense of the taxpayer. Mayor Alcombright has raised our taxes five times, instituted a sewer and water fee, along with raising that fee one additional time. he has increased fees at the transfer station, cemetery, skating rink, parking fees, and other cost of services have been increased. Meanwhile services are being decreased to the public.

Will this mayor continue to raises taxes and fees to fund this tax break? Is this tax break proposal part of a payback from some of the large out-of-town donations to his re-election campaign? Going forward will Mayor Alcombright continue to give tax break to every single developer that comes into North Adams, asking the public to subsidize these projects? Is this a fair process when other city developers are not seeking a tax break for projects? And is Mayor Alcombright willing to tell us who's idea this was for the tax break for this project? His or the developers?

Knowing the makeup of the City Council, the mayor already knows it is going to pass without any discussion or consideration for the struggling tax payers of North Adams.

I said to myself after the election that I was no longer going to get involved in city politics, however this decision has shown me that the mayor has no desire to bridge the great divide that exists within North Adams.

I am pleased this developer along with others have chosen North Adams for these potential projects, however as North Adams and its residents continue to struggle as one of the poorest communities in the commonwealth we cannot continue to give tax breaks and incentives to these developers.

Robert Cardimino, North Adams


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