Letter: Not criminal, but surely stupid


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Concerning the recent incident about a father allegedly leaving his son in a hot car unattended while he worked, I believe that everyone is overlooking a third possibility, and that is that one or both of the parents were not intentionally trying to kill their child. I believe that the parents were trying to cut financial corners by not having their child left at day care during the day and having their child stay in the car, but the father was supposed to look in on his son from time to time, and forgot.

What leads me to this conclusion is that the father supposedly enjoyed a breakfast with his son that morning, the parents looking online about temperatures and length of time before a child would die, and the mother’s comment when she stopped to pick her son up at day care that afternoon. I believe they were planning it and the father went ahead with it, but forgot the critical part of the plan.

Personally, they both should hang for it, at least for being that stupid!



The author writes as The Grumpy Old Man.


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