Letter: Numbers add up against Walmart supercenter plan

Numbers add up against Walmart supercenter plan

To the editor:

The article in the Sunday, Sept. 4, Eagle titled "Labor Council opposes Walmart," with information on Waterstone Retail Development's proposed Walmart supercenter at the Stanley Business Park, prompted me to do some elementary school arithmetic with the figures cited in the article.

First I looked at the map of the site which you can also do at woodlawncrossing.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/site-map.jpg. You will see the proposed supercenter sketched on site 9. This site is described as a 15-acre site at the URL williamstanleybp.com/site-9/.

The article states that the entire business park is 52 acres, so the supercenter will occupy just under 29 percent of the total acreage! Is this the development magnet, the innovation center, that the Berkshires needs to retain its residents and attract new ones?

Let's do more arithmetic. If we take an acre to equal 40,000 square feet, we calculate site 9 to be 600,000 square feet. The supercenter size as stated in the article will be 190,000 square feet, so if we divide 190,000 by 600,000 we learn that almost 32 percent of site 9 will be Walmart retail space. The remaining 68 percent will be parking spaces! Look closely at the site map and you'll see them sketched in.

So the much-touted business park will devote more than two-thirds of the "teens parcel" to asphalt, if this is the best Pittsfield can do. Along with the poor-paying jobs, attack on local small businesses, shoddy foreign-made goods, we will be the "beneficiaries" of about 10 more acres of asphalt.

For all our sakes, I hope Pittsfield can do much better.

Mary Jane Incorvia Mattina, Lenox


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