Letter: NY angle to pipeline proposal


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. has proposed adding another fracked gas pipeline from Wright, N.Y. to Canaan, N.Y. and into Mass-
achusetts. I am a member of a group called "Stop N.Y. Fracked Gas Pipeline" that is opposed to an expansion of the three upstate N.Y. pipelines. This proposed expansion supports an ecological nightmare called hydraulic fracturing or "fracking."

Building gas pipelines means supporting fracking, plain and simple. We need to invest our time, efforts and money into renewable energy and conservation instead.

The risk for gas leaks and explosions is high throughout this entire process and there is little oversight of this industry and little incentive for it to fix the ongoing gas leaks and out-gassings. It gets paid for what goes into the pipeline, not for what comes out. Think of what could happen with up to three aging pipelines lying parallel to a proposed 1,460 psi pipe-
line with a volatile gas passing through it.

The proposed pipeline is a high-pressure type containing many chemicals that are known carcinogens, endocrine disrupters and neurological toxins. There are nearly 700 known chemicals involved in the fracking process and many of these chemicals enter our environment.

The fossil fuel industry is not required to reveal the chemical make-up of its products. If you were a first-call responder, such as an EMT, doctor or firefighter, how would you know how to deal with an accident properly if you don’t know exactly what hazards are present?

Maybe you think that you will receive some benefit from more gas flowing through your town? Kinder Morgan has stated that this gas is planned for electrical generation in Dracut. A simple calculation reveals a gas oversupply that will never be entirely used for this purpose. The unspoken plan is to send this gas overseas to Europe and Asia for a bigger profit. Kinder Morgan has received authorization to have the electric utility customers of New England (N.Y. is undetermined) pay for its pipeline! Imagine, you pay for it and get no reward, but are forced to live with the environmental degradation.

Fracked gas pipelines also mean: property value reduction, banks not willing to grant mortgages, and insurance companies not willing to insure. To learn more, visit: "Stop N.Y. Fracked Gas Pipeline" on Facebook (www.facebook.com/stopnyfrackedgaspipeline) or email raconnors@yahoo.com. The next meeting for the pipeline opposition group will be Saturday in New Lebanon, N.Y., at the Town Hall on Route 22 from 6- 8 p.m. The event is free, the public is invited and donations accepted.


Canaan, N.Y.


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