Letter: Obama, Dems. are un-Christian


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

After reading a number of articles in The Eagle covering the Hobby Lobby decision and the free speech at abortion clinics decision, coupled with statements made by Reid, Pelosi and Clinton, it’s evident that Democrats have absolutely no concern for my religious rights.

The Democratic Party today is no longer my grandmother’s party. To gain votes, Democrats pander to all kinds of vermin, attracting all kinds of liars, thugs, baby killers, etc. The Democratic Party buys its votes by stealing (taxing) from us in every imaginable way, then giving money away to all the lacklusters in our nation. It’s those lacklusters who voted Obama in.

Berkshire County, wake up. Look in the mirror. Does the Democratic Party really reflect you? My religious rights predate their supposed rights to abortion (as if Americans killing Americans in the womb could ever be considered a Constitutional right). Obama is a self-proclaimed Christian. Yet Obama forces Hobby Lobby (and other religious groups) to go to court over abortion or face half a billion dollars in fines. That is religious persecution. Hobby Lobby’s owners were willing to risk their treasure, business, and lives to fight this mandate. Had they lost, they’d be out of business. Democrats act as if Hobby Lobby and Christians are just willy-nilly making this up as we go.

Truth is, the subject of abortion is covered in the Holy Bible. If, while Obama was being sworn in, someone took that Bible from his hand and turned to the book of Jeremiah, it would read that God ordains a prophet while he/she is still in his/her mother’s womb. If someone took that same Bible and went over to the book of Luke, it would read that Elisabeth’s baby (John the Baptist) leapt for joy in the womb upon Mary’s salutation.

That’s just a taste of what scripture says about it: you see, according to God’s word, that’s a person in that womb, with a destiny. There is an unseen hand at work in the womb. A woman may now have the right to choose, but don’t be surprised if God returns that same logic to you someday at judgment.

I’ll have you know that many top scientists of our day believe that life begins when the egg is fertilized. Not everyone who calls himself a Christian is a Christian (hint: Obama). This is why Jesus said in Luke, "For each tree is known by its own fruit."




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