Letter: Obama routinely shirks responsibility


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Charles M. Blow’s op-ed column "Where the buck stops" of July 15 needs clarification.

In the 51Ž2 years of the Obama presidency, the examples Mr. Blow gave of "where the buck stops" consist of examples from 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013. How about these more recent examples of "I know nothing and am not responsible."

When the president announced the resignation of Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki he vowed to take full responsibility for the increasingly widespread scandal engulfing the VA’s health services and then proceeded to say the problem "predates my presidency." That’s taking responsibility?

How about the immigration problem? President Obama has dismissed claims that his executive actions on immigration might have contributed to the problem and has suggested that his administration could not be looked to for a solution, as it is Congress that has the power and is not using it.

Remember the "red line" with Syria? When called on it President Obama said, "the world drew that line." What responsibility did President Obama take for the Benghazi incident, where four Americans lost their lives? Oh yes, "It was a video." The administration had the responsibility of addressing Ambassador Stevens’ request for more protection.

One last example of many more that could be mentioned -- Obamacare. Remember these words? "You can keep your current health insurance plan and your current doctor." "Obamacare will lower health care and lower the deficit." Really Mr. Blow, "Where the buck stops" or "Not my responsibility."




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