Letter: Obama won't face reality of war

Obama won't face reality of war

To the editor:

As I watched the events in Paris unfold, I was struck by the incredible sadness for the victims and their families and the anger at a country that chose political correctness over protecting its citizens. If we are not willing to learn from the mistakes of others, we will surely repeat them.

Barack Hussein Obama and his totally out-of-touch liberal staff, with our own John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry who are unwilling to close our borders and thoroughly check all who enter are a big fat middle finger to the law-abiding citizens of our United States of America. And please tell Hillary (who gets a pass from the liberal press and should be in jail) that we are in a war and must conduct ourselves accordingly.

God bless America and God bless all the law-abiding Americans of this great country.

Thomas Donald Gilardi, Pittsfield


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