Letter: Obama’s spin weakens republic


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

We are currently laboring under a civil government which operates in a rare and curious atmosphere, an admixture of meta-ethical moral relativism and a post-modern disregard for absolute truth, in which our leadership strives to impose its spin on facts to harmonize objective reality with its preferred political narrative.

Earlier this month, the administration lauded its efforts to strike a bargain to bring home a soldier whom it characterized as a long-suffering POW, when in fact it negotiated with the Haqqani Mafia and traded five battle-hardened Taliban operatives for an otherwise traitorous malingerer and deserter in order to achieve more political grandstanding. Our president has repeatedly assured as that al-Qaida is "decimated," "on the path of defeat" and "on the run," when in fact the organization is on the verge of reconquering Iraq and imposing its strict Sharia law on provinces from eastern Syria to western Iran.

Earlier this term, our chief executive blatantly misrepresented the true scope of governmentally-mandated health insurance, sidestepped the breadth of the criminal depravity of the mismanagement of the Veterans Administration, disregarded the depth of the politically-motivated corruption of the IRS, and perverted the identity of the perpetrators of the consulate attack in Libya, just to name a few of the more obvious untruths foisted upon its media-controlled citizenry.

Perhaps the most startling and troubling misrepresentation from the politician is his self-identification as a Christian, a man of faith. As a Chrisian, the president is undoubtedly aware that in Proverbs 16, King Solomon stated that the hallmark of a righteous government, a government ordained by God, lies in the inerrant lips of the leadership. Our federal government was established on righteousness, and it is truly heinous for that government to languish in a culture of lies, misdirection, fear of the truth and moral relativism.

Human governance is of a divine imposition, and any corruption of the truth in the exercise of that government comprises a profound abomination of our constitutional republic.




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