Letter: Oil prices, oil wars, products of our government

Oil prices, oil wars, products of our govt.

To the editor:

Over the past 3 1/2 years, President Obama has manipulated the price of gas and heating oil down from $4 per gallon that goes back to the high prices in his first term. In China, the price of gas is held artificially low by the government to help the poor survive. With no new jobs, Obama has bought the public's approval with these benefits.

It should be revealed how many millions of dollars politicians like Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton make from buying options and betting on gas and oil prices going up and down as the president manipulates the price. It is called insider trading and is criminal. The Internet reports that all politicians, Republican and Democratic, profit from Wall Street betting operations. It is reported that Bill and Hillary Clinton each make about $175,000 a week in this fashion.

The race for the presidency, like the oil wars, is motivated by profit. How many millions of people would still be alive if government was abolished and along with it, the power to declare war?

It should rain red on Washington DC as a sign from God that Judgment Day is coming for all the lambs murdered in the oil wars the federal government declared while the churches sat silent.

Daniel M. Pictrowski, Pittsfield


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