Letter: Only one party offers new ideas, fresh faces

Only one party offers new ideas, fresh faces

To the editor:

On March 1, we in Massachusetts will be voting in the presidential primary election. I encourage everyone to vote! How do we decide for whom to vote?

Let's vote for the candidate who will be the best president, the best commander-in-chief, not just a party candidate or a family dynasty.

Let's examine who is offered in each party:

One party is presenting just old white life-time politicians and if one should fail other old white life-time politicians are threatening to jump in. Who has been offered in the "racist" party? Yes, there are a couple of old white guys but the choices also include two Hispanic-Americans, an Indian-American, a black American and a woman. There are two doctors, two non-politician business people, a pastor, three first generation immigrants, and five former governors. One candidate even has been a businessman, a US Representative and a former governor. One party is offering a socialist the other party offered a libertarian and several Constitutionalists.

As an "old white woman" I will be deciding if I want my country led by an "old white politician" or a young person with fresh eyes, and maybe new ideas. Our country is in trouble: debt in the tens of trillions of dollars, millions of people unemployed. The middle class is reducing while the poor are increasing. Home ownership is lowest since the 1980s, food stamps at an all-time high, work participation levels at a 38-year low.

Our First and Second Amendment freedoms are at risk. Foreign relations are vulnerable and in peril. Our Constitution is being trampled. Race relations, our military and law enforcement protectors are under fire. National security, our economy and illegal immigration should be our top concerns.

Please make your choice by examining issues and concerns. Old white businessmen and/or old lifetime politicians who will continue the same old failed decisions or a younger candidate with experience in diversity and new direction grounded in our Constitution. Do your research and be an informed voter who is not trapped by party labels. Informed independent voters "rock."

Kathryn Mickle, Dalton


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