Letter: Open Melville Street to more parking

Open Melville Street to more parking

To the editor:

Ever since the construction for the streetscape project has been taking place from in front of Paul Rich & Sons, past the YMCA and up to the Ralph Froio Senior Center, it has been difficult for handicapped persons and others going to the YMCA to find a parking place within a short walk to the building.

On Melville Street, "no parking" regulations continue to be enforced even though the Boys & Girls Club's general members use the newer entrance a short way down the street. The safety concern that prompted the original "no parking" ban on the street does not appear to be as great as it once was, which should allow the no parking ban to be eliminated so additional parking can be added on Melville Street.

This should include two or more handicap spaces.

Robert B. Dillon Jr., Pittsfield


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