Letter: Oppose legislation crippling alimony laws

Oppose legislation crippling alimony laws

To the editor:

There is a strong, older woman in Berkshire County who recently stood up in the courts of the commonwealth to have her individual rights affirmed, specifically her right to an adequate remedy and her right to continual personal security. Both the county court and the Supreme Judicial Court affirmed her rights to the alimony award granted in the original separation agreement she and her ex-husband worked out between themselves, an arrangement designed to sustain her for life or until she remarries.

Today, there is a bill (H. 4110) in committee before the Massachusetts Legislature initiated by a group of crafty, disgruntled ex-spouses and their lawyers and introduced for the purpose of overriding current alimony laws. Bill H. 4110 is a bad bill, hurtful to many other disadvantaged, vulnerable older wives, and a distinct threat to my personal friend.

She and other former wives were the people who worked to support and help advance the careers of their then-loved young spouses before starting families and raising children, denying themselves gainful employment opportunities.

I urge you all to help bury this unfortunate initiative. Please call on your legislative representatives to scrap this bill, H. 4110.

Stanley Joseph, Canaan, N.Y.


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