Letter: Palestinians foil Kerry's good effort


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

A lead article on the front page of the April 4 Eagle reports that: "Kerry’s frustration over talks boil over." We citizens of Massachusetts can be proud of the energetic efforts of our ex-Senator John Kerry, now as U.S. secretary of state, in trying to guide the leadership of Israel and the West Bank Palestinians toward a peaceful solution of their deep differences.

The key Palestinian demands:

n No recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

n Return of millions of Arabs to Israel.

n Divide Jerusalem.

n 1949 Armistice lines to become national borders, which would be the end of the state of Israel and is therefore rejected by both the government and people of Israel.

The United Nations in Nov. 1947 authorized a two-state solution. The Jews accepted the small area offered and the Arabs said: "no!". Arab leadership, for 67 years, has continued to say "no" to any Israeli compromise peace offers.

Some years ago, Israel removed 8,000 Jews from Gaza, hoping to exchange land for peace. The Hamas Arabs of Gaza have launched about 9,000 rockets aimed at Israeli civilians. These rocket attacks have continued during the current and now fruitless negotiations.

John Kerry’s major effort cannot overcome the current differences between Israel and its hostile neighbors. The world can hope that a new generation of young educated Arabs will see the benefit to themselves of living in peace, with security, with their Israeli neighbors.




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