Letter: Paradox inherent in Monument Mountain fitness


The Jan. 20 letter to the editor "County efforts to address fitness" referred to Monument Mountain's effort to advance the cause is teaching the many aspects of biking. This would be amusing if not for the inherent paradox.

The extant problem is, of course, little Janie and Johnny cannot bike to school nor can they walk or take public transit. So much for participating in national walk to school day or safe routes to school program. Unless of course you endorse loading up all the little ones on a bus or in a car and conveying them on a major state arterial as a safe route.

This situation does become risible with the attempt by Great Barrington paladins in attaining the lofty designation of a sustainable community when the only way children can arrive and depart school is by carbon-loading the atmosphere. Must make for quite the interesting science class discussions around child obesity and climate change contributors.

Maybe a $56 million, 21st century science wing retro-fit could help figure it out.


New Marlborough


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