Letter: Patriot Act has stolen our freedom

Patriot Act has stolen our freedom

To the editor:

We are currently in the middle of one of the worst periods to live in America. I love America and think that it has potential to become the best country in the world. But it is not.

We are being spied on by the U.S. government and its allies. Everywhere you go, everything you say and even look at online is watched. Washington said it was to watch for potential terrorists. How has this been working? So far there have been three large Islamic terrorist attacks that were not stopped by the Patriot Act.

Our rights are being stolen. If they wanted to keep America safe, they would stay out of everyone's business. We are currently in every country's business. If we focused only on things that concerned us there would be so much more peace. We would be able to stop the spying and we could fix this mess we are calling a country.

The Patriot Act is not keeping us safe but may be making things worse.

Liam Brady, Williamstown


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