Letter: Paul is hurt by his refusal to pander

Paul is hurt by his refusal to pander

To the editor:

That Dr. Rand Paul was relegated out of tonight's (Thursday's) prime-time GOP debate, is an absolute disgrace and representation of the true ignorance of all Americans.

The fact that the most qualified, and knowledgeable candidate for president has been asked to represent a top-tier campaign at a preliminary stage is outrageous. Dr. Paul, who knows much about constitutional law, liberty, individual, state and federal rights asked to step down. Why? The biggest expert on the Federal Reserve and how it diminishes the wealth and savings of hard-working Americans asked to step down. Why?

One who knows that the Rahn Curve clearly demonstrates the tax rate for Americans, 14.5 percent, maximizes economic growth AND tax revenue simultaneously, asked to step down. Why? The most rational and thoughtful candidate on foreign policy, looking out for all of the sons and daughters of average Americans, asked to step down. Why?

The reason is clear and simple for those who bother to study the facts and the art of confusion and politics, which are two closely related subjects. Politicians receive spots in office by promising jobs, a welfare status from cradle to grave and increased prosperity to uninformed citizens. When they get into office, their number one goal has just gone from the protection of everyone else's job to their own.

The politicians issue cheap money, paying for reckless spending, which in turn diminishes the value of each dollar outstanding. The individual increases regulations and taxes, and adds to the social welfare state. The average person does not know this is destabilizing the nation, and is going to affect it later on.

We need a president who understands the law defined and enumerated in the Constitution. One who is key on all liberties, individual and state. A president who knows how to fix the Washington machine, and restore prosperity and liberty. The solution is simple. Elect Dr. Paul, who knows what is wrong now, and how to change the fate of this once great nation.

Jonathan Dos Santos, Becket


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