Letter: PEDA members failed to do Walmart homework

PEDA members failed to do Walmart homework

To the editor:

Concerning the possible move and expansion by Walmart to the GE site, I have to ask PEDA members what kind of homework they did before deciding this would be a viable option for the old GE site?

Did they not learn that Walmart is shutting down stores in the US?

Did they not learn that for new suppliers to get their goods into Walmart they are only being allowed to apply to sell online,because that is the only place Walmart is seeing growth?

Did they not learn that brick and mortar retail is taking a beating and stores are closing across the US because so much commerce is now being conducted online?

Have they never been to the current Pittsfield Walmart and noticed that only a few registers are ever active? The customers are not there! So why a bigger store?

I have to thinkPEDA is only thinking of the near future and has no long-term vision. Allow this to happen and five years after Walmart is built Pittsfield may be looking again at an empty behemoth of a building!

Patty Eksuzian, Pittsfield


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