Letter: Pedestrians must be clear on rules of crosswalks

Pedestrians must be clear on rules of crosswalks

To the editor:

Since it is unlikely the powers that be will reconsider the ill-considered grant of right of way to pedestrians vs. many-toned vehicles in crosswalks, The Eagle should take certain initiatives to make crossing the street safer.

Once a month, you should publish an explanation in plain language of what the crosswalk law requires of both drivers and pedestrians. In support of this, it would be nice if crosswalk laws were nationally uniform. It would also be appropriate if "right turn on red" rules were explained and made uniform among the states. Many drivers from other states have little or no experience with urban crosswalk rules.

It would be expensive, but establishing bypasses for through traffic around Great Barrington, Stockbridge and Pittsfield in the way that downtown Lenox is spared the trucks with their noise and pollution and drivers who just want to get through as fast as possible would help. Why, when GE was in business, was an interstate not built to take the traffic off Route 7 in Massachusetts as Vermont has done between Bennington and Manchester?

The Eagle could promote many other ideas to make crossing the street safer.

Steven Iler, Stephentown, N.Y.


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