Letter: Perils of deplorable Lenox sidewalks


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The many attractions of the town of Lenox -- cultural, such as Tanglewood, and Shakespeare and Co., as well as its history and location in the Berkshire hills -- have drawn both visitors and new residents to the town. Many of these are elderly, some are disabled. For them, the deplorable state of the sidewalks, especially along Walker Street, poses a major problem.

This is especially true for the residents of the Curtis. Many of them use walkers or even wheelchairs, but find it dangerous to navigate even short distances. For them, the community center, where many senior activities are held, is out of reach. Loeb’s, the grocery store, is only a block away, but that, too, is often too far. Although van transportation is sometimes available, the sidewalks are in such condition that getting to the van can itself pose a hazard. I recently saw a more than 90-year-old man stumble and come close to falling as he tried to navigate that short distance.

I understand that ice and snow cause the buckling of the pavements. However, these sidewalks have been in this same disrepair for at least the last five years. Surely the time has come to remedy this situation, for the benefit of all Lenox residents.




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