Letter: Peru must keep rights, freedoms


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Peru voters: Just say no to our overreaching neighbors who presume to know more than we do to impose on us their unwanted and unneeded protection, and to expect that an anonymous, half page of confusing propaganda in The Berkshire Eagle will be sufficient to convince us to give up our rights and freedoms.

I for one do not require their protection from any electric company to which I might sell as much backyard wind or solar generated energy as I wish. We must join together to let them know that their tactics may work in other parts of the country but will not work in progressive and independent-minded Peru.

Please come to our town meeting tonight and remain open to the notion of voting "no" on the proposed wind energy bylaw. Also, please exercise your right to vote on Saturday, June 14, and keep this unwelcome faction out of town government. TOM BORDEN



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