Letter: Pesky possum has all the rights


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

A few weeks ago a possum appeared on my back porch. As I have 10 feral cats who have lived on my porch for over 15 years (they are all "fixed") I did not want the possum there bugging my cats or my dog or me. I called the police and a nice officer came and chased the possum off my porch and instructed me to call again if the possum reappeared.

The possum did come back twice more and again I called the police. It was on the third call that an officer arrived with Williamstown’s animal control officer. It was only then that I learned that under a dumb Massachusetts law wild animals can not be relocated. The ACO removed the possum from one of the houses I provide for my cats on my porch but released him at the side of my driveway where a 15-second jaunt invites him back to my porch.

The good news is that that darn possum does not appear to be diseased, but I don’t want him on my porch and it appears that he has all of the rights and the cats, dog and myself have none. Go figure!




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