Letter: Pipeline is wrong for Berkshires


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

This letter is in regard to The Eagle’s front-page article Aug. 12 on the proposed Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan pipeline. This pipeline is unnecessary and potentially dangerous to the people of Berkshire County.

The gas that would go through the proposed pipeline will be from fracking shale. It has been proven that gas from fracking is dangerous and deadly. Any fracture anywhere in the pipeline could release dangerous methane gas.

It haws been proven that leakage of methane gas or other fluids contaminate shallow aquifers. Radiogenic isotopes in water that could be carried by the gas could contaminate any water supply if there is a leak in the proposed pipeline.

There is a vast amount of misinformation about the need for this proposed pipeline. Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan says there is a need for gas so New England electric companies can produce electricity. This is false. Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan plans to ship the gas overseas. That is why the proposed pipeline will end east of Lowell near the Atlantic coastline.

A tariff will be added to your electric bill if the pipeline is built. The company says that since New England electric companies will benefit from the proposed pipeline then the electric companies should pay for it. The electric companies will then pass on the cost to us. Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan is a profit-making corporation. In essence, we would be paying for the building of the pipeline. Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan would be getting our money to profit their company.

I hope the readers of this letter will call or write Sen. Elizabeth Warren and First District U.S. Rep. Richard Neal. Tell them to tell the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to deny any application from Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan to build the pipeline. Tell Sen. Warren and Rep. Neal to use all their power and influence to stop this pipeline proposal.




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