Letter: Pittsfield can help end abuse of circus animals

Pittsfield can help end abuse of exotic animals

To the editor:

Circus animals lead lives of desperation regardless of how they are treated. Those who wish to preserve this "tradition" work hard to obscure this fact, but these exotic animals are enslaved.

When I was 7 years old on Holmes Road in Pittsfield, I saw a large circus with huge tents and bright colors. I was excited by the pageantry. Everything seemed to be larger than life! The lasting impression was quite the opposite. There were no bright colors, just an overwhelming sense of sadness I felt emanating from the animal entertainers forced to perform.

The regal and majestic animals I saw were reduced to a stature much less than that of a pet dog. There was no spark in any of their eyes. Having spent much of my spare time exploring the swamps of Richmond, I knew of the spark in the eye of a wild and free creature.

The pain and sadness of those circus animal performers has stayed with me all my life. Over all these years, I've thought often of those still trapped in such an existence, spirits broken by lives spent in shackles.

Pittsfield has a chance to contribute to its end with a ban on exotic animals used in entertainment. I hope the City Council will see in their hearts that there is no "gray area" and vote in favor of the ban.

Scott Plantier, Pittsfield


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