Letter: Pittsfield disappoints on Halloween

City disappoints on Halloween

To the editor:

We live on a lovely street in Pittsfield. I always thought we had wonderful neighbors. You see, on Halloween, one of the best nights of the year, we had a huge amount of candy ready for up to 200 trick-or-treaters and what happened? Only 21 little ghouls and goblins showed up.

I finally figured out why. I went out and looked up and down the street. More than half of the front porch lights were out! Shame! Then I knew why so few kids were out and about.

There are very few good excuses for not giving out candy. If you are too frail, put a bowl of candy out on your porch. If you cannot afford it, ask the mayor for candy assistance. Come on Pittsfield, we do better next year!

J. Lingebach Pittsfield


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