Letter: Pittsfield Eagle Scouts are off to a great start

Pittsfield Eagle Scouts are off to a great start

To the editor:

What a delightful and wonderful treat to open The Eagle Feb. 2 and read about the three young men who recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout with Pittsfield's Troop 8.

With all the horrible news we are getting from around the world nowadays, to read how Basil Billow, Jacob Coles and John Collingwood have accomplished what only about 2 percent of all the Boy Scouts in America (if not the entire world) were able to achieve was a real treat.

I do not know these young "Eagles" personally, but it makes me proud of them and to realize that they, their parents, scoutmasters and fellow troop members are products of our Berkshires.

Most people probably are not aware how important it is for boys and girls to be part of the Boy Scouts of America. They are destined to be the future leaders of our communities and nation in all walks of life. It is not an accident that 20 out of the original 21 astronauts were Eagle scouts and handpicked to kick off the NASA program back in the late 1950s. They were chosen because as scouts they learned teamwork and various skills that most boys do not get anywhere else.

All parents should encourage their sons and daughters to join a local Troop or Explorer Post. It will be the most valuable gift to their children, and the smartest investment of their lives.

Peter C. Giftos, Dalton


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