Letter: Pittsfield must address dangerous intersection

Pittsfield must address dangerous intersection

To the editor:

I am writing to express my concern at the increase in traffic accidents at the intersection of Holmes Road and Elm Street in Pittsfield.

This past week, yet another vehicle barrelled through the intersection and caused damage to two of the homes opposite. My family lives in one of them. It is pure luck that no one has been hurt in these incidents.

I ask why the city of Pittsfield has not taken steps to at least research the need to install a blinking yellow/red traffic light at this location to prevent accidents such as this in the future? Installing signs further up Holmes Road to warn of the upcoming road curve and stop sign should also be considered.

The lack of attention paid to the vulnerability of this intersection and residents living in the surrounding area is highly concerning. I truly hope it will not take a serious injury or worse for the city to act.

Jacqueline Q. Condron, Boston


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