Letter: Pittsfield must join ban on wild animals in circuses

Pittsfield must join ban on wild animals in circuses

To the editor:

The Eagle published an arresting letter July 7 which described vividly the plight of wild animals who have the misfortune to be part of a traveling circus. Parents with young children who refuse to attend performances at these circuses are teaching young minds to love and admire our wild animals, not abuse them.

All over the world governments are banning wild animal circuses — 28 countries have already banned this persecution of captive creatures unable to defend themselves. The United States has instituted bans in 50 municipalities. Seven of these are right here in Massachusetts. Shall we join them? Please say "Yes."

Please contact city councilors and let them know that Pittsfield will be proud to be the eighth city in Massachusetts and the 51st in the U.S. that refuses to be entertained by captive, cowed animals performing unnatural tricks learned through deprivation, fear and pain.

Why is cruelty so much a part of our lives? "Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity" — G.B. Shaw.

Edna Dugas, Pittsfield


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