Letter: Pittsfield neglecting Onota Lake gem

Pittsfield neglecting Onota Lake gem

To the editor:

Father's Day was a lovely day to spend at Onota Lake, but each year we are more and more disappointed by the lack of loving care this beautiful piece of property receives from the Parks Department.

Upon our arrival Sunday morning, the garbage cans were spilling over. The lawn had recently been mowed, but the edge of the grass before the sand was about a foot high. This ideal property is being neglected and it is a crying shame.

My husband arrives early in the day with a rake and shovel to comb the sand, fill in holes, clear debris and rake the shallow water of whatever floated in overnight. He also moves the large rocks out of the way for all the children to have ample room to splash around without tripping and getting injured.

Now I wonder what all of us visitors are to do when we have to use a restroom because the bathhouse is locked. As the pavilion is usually open on weekends for private functions, why wouldn't the city open the bathhouse for public use of the changing and restrooms?

Also, why don't they sell food and ice cream at the snack shop? Granted, people usually bring coolers of their own food and beverages, but perhaps pizza slices, burgers, hot dogs and ice cream would be an alternative that could help pay for the costs of the building operations.

Susan Silver, Lee


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