Letter: Pittsfield pedestrians invite crosswalk tragedies

Pedestrians invite crosswalk tragedies

To the editor:

Do the pedestrians in Pittsfield believe that being in a crosswalk gives them some kind of "magical powers?" Do they believe the crosswalk has an invisible "force field" around it that protects anyone in it from outside interference?

Or do they (more likely) fall into a trance-like state when they enter the crosswalk and suddenly think they are in a grassy field on a sunny summer day, not a care in the world as they chat on their cell phone and (very) slowly cross against the light, glazed eyes straight ahead with a look of contented entitlement splashed on their face, oblivious to anything around them?

I understand the need (and law) for drivers to stop for people in a crosswalk but years ago my mother taught me to "look both ways" before crossing the street and to "pay attention" and respect the traffic by moving along. That still seems like good advice in today's world of distracted drivers. (and walkers).

Dave Field, Becket


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