Letter: Pittsfield was correct on sewer line


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

This letter is in response to Tina Conner’s letter of July 24 ("City fails resident on sewer problems").

Ms. Conner contacted the city about a sewer problem at her father’s home. We have several entries in our service log books of the numerous times the city went to this house. The crews responded to each call and flushed the city’s sewer main, and each time the problem was located in the owner’s sewer service line.

The "new" line Ms. Conner refers to was a repair made to her service line without a permit and therefore without a subsequent inspection by the city. Apparently part of the service line was replaced but the older 1950s vintage orange clay pipe was left in place in the street. It is the homeowner’s service line, not the city’s main that has the problem. Similar to a roof that needs replacing, the sewer service from house to main is the responsibility of the homeowner. She hired a contractor who dug up her line yesterday [last Thursday.] It showed that, as the city crews had told her, that the problem was within her service line.

She should have waited to write her letter falsely attacking our city employees. This resident was treated fairly, she just did not like the answers.



The writer is commissioner of Public Services & Utilities.


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