Letter: Play, and president, get at critical issue

Play, and president, get at critical issue

To the editor:

I witnessed the final performance of "American Son" at Barrington Stage Company this weekend. What powerful drama. Right out of today's headlines.

There was an audible gasp from the audience at the last spoken words of the play, and after a standing ovation, the crowd left in utter silence, obviously thinking about what they had just seen.

I'm sure that, like my wife and I, most people went home to think about what is happening in our country and how it makes us feel. The play left us with many questions. What is the right response and what is unacceptable and where does compromise fit into our previously confrontational feelings?

President Obama offered the way in his recent appeals to a country in turmoil. While giving expression and understanding to African-Americans' disappointment and anger, he was wise to remind us that we are a country that values protest and made mention of the daily heroism of most law enforcement officers as they risk their lives on a daily basis to protect American citizens — all American citizens.

President Obama gets it. Now we have to "get it" as well.

Michael Symons, Great Barrington


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