Letter: Playing politics with NARH closing


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In James Massery’s latest rant against President Obama, Democrats or anything else that he personally opposes in his letter to the editor of March 28, he has chosen to blame the closing of North Adams Regional Hospital on the Affordable Care Act. If Mr. Massery will check the March 28 issue of The Berkshire Eagle it clearly states that the hospital has had financial difficulties since at least 2001, a full nine years before the Affordable Care Act came into existence, which clearly indicates that his accusation is pure nonsense. Mr. Massery should at least strive to be somewhat accurate and honest in his tirades if he expects anyone to take him seriously.

The closing of NARH would be a devastating loss to the Northern Berkshire area primarily in the loss of health care but also causing serious economic hardships. My heart goes out to every employee who will lose their employment, health insurance coverage and financial security by this closing. I am also so very concerned for those in need of immediate health care who will have to travel to either Pittsfield or Bennington to receive care.

Lastly, I hope the businesses in the area find a way to survive this potential loss. Everything possible should be done to keep this facility open but let us go about it in a constructive and helpful manner. We must avoid using the closing as an opportunity to voice personal attacks that are both dishonest and detrimental to the process of reaching a successful goal.

By the way, Mr. Massery, you are a car salesman, I work in a hospital. I see every day how important it is to have a local and quickly accessible health care facility. Please put aside the politics and join in the fight to keep health care available to the residents of North Berkshire County. That is much more important at this moment in time.




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