Letter: Pleasant place enhanced by turbines


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I write in response to a Feb. 3 letter "A happy place ruined by wind turbines." My home is located in Stamford, Vt., at the base of the northernmost wind generator of the Hoosac Wind Project. Although the letter writer lives at about the same distance away from the turbines as I do, we have vastly different experiences.

Because I spend a great deal of time out of doors gathering the wood which provides our heat as well as extensive chores, I get to hear the wind generators. Out of a typical 10-day cycle I might hear them during the day for two or three of those days. I very rarely, if ever, hear them at night. The prevailing wind is out of the west, which means the sound is usually carried away from Stamford and Clarksburg.

When I do hear them, it is a gentle whooshing sound. It does not give me headaches or affect my sleep. My closest neighbors have not experienced any undue hardships, either.

And when I do hear them I am pleased that we are actually doing something about the mess our planet is in right now rather than talking about it. It is ironic that the opinion page facing the letter I write about contained a political cartoon and two columns devoted to advocating for action to be taken for reducing carbon emissions.

Wind generators are not the solution. But they are certainly part of the solution along with other forms of alternative energy. Wind, solar, and hydropower are not perfect technologies but we need to keep developing them to improve their contribution. We need to do all we can to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

I spoke with a business person in Clarksburg and asked her how her customers felt about the wind generators. She told me that the older the person the more likely their response would be negative. Change is difficult, but we can meet the challenge by working together.


Stamford, Vt.


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