Letter: Please don't pit farmer against farmer

Please don't pit farmer against farmer

To the editor:

In response to the August 25 letter by Richard Greene, "Native plants offer benefits cattle don't," We're a peaceful and (usually) friendly community down in South County. The award of the land was not personal, it is given on condition of compliance.

Sean Stanton could not exercise influence of his Selectboard seat to get it. Don't stir up a range war, pit neighbor against neighbor. Sean does not do cruel things to the earth as part of his empire building as the writer seems to infer. Encouraging this rancor and mud slinging is not laudable.

The heritage seed program is a fabulous success. Someone said to me, it's not food cropland I say, nonetheless, that bravos and kudos are still deserved. It's because of that good effort and hard work indigenous plants will flourish and spread. However, the success is not confined to the acreage that was Project Native. The education precedent is set and endures, and is far-reaching.

There is no benefit pitting farmer against farmer or neighbor against neighbor. No lover of the planet stirs up hatred and rancor like this. In truth: nothing wicked; two farmers one who met APR program standards and the other who didn't.

Nan Wile, Great Barrington


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