Letter: Please, parade-goers, clean up your mess

Please, parade-goers clean up your mess

To the editor:

I am excited for the North Adams Fall Foliage Parade Sunday. The floats are creative, the kids are adorable, and it's always great to see the community get together. That being said, I will be viewing the parade from a porch or front yard along the parade route. Either way, I will know that the people I am with will actually leave their space in at least the same, if not better, condition than they left it.

I implore parade-goers to take the time to clean up their space. It pains me to see a vibrant downtown event leave such a disgusting mess of trash in its wake year after year. Help your children pick up their sodas, water bottles or snack wrappers before you leave. If you wouldn't let them drop trash on your own floor, why would you let them do that to our sidewalks?

I am almost embarrassed to see the state of the sidewalks after parades and downtown festivals. How are we supposed to have an attractive downtown space if we can't walk down the sidewalk without dodging Big Gulps and popcorn containers?

Bring your own trash bag — that way if you have to leave trash on the ground beside the can at least it's already in a bag! A small pile of grocery bags on the sidewalk next to a trash can is certainly more visually appealing than a pile of half-eaten pizzas on the ground. If you want downtown to appeal to people from out-of-town, if you want something nice to look at while you're running errands, pick up after yourself before you leave.

Mary Redstone, North Adams


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