Letter: Plenty in country need our help


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In the Feb. 22 letter to the editor "Foreign poor should be priority," Mr. Pictrowski must never have needed help for anything, let alone needed to keep himself or his family from suffering in our hard times right here in the United States. We have plenty of homeless, hungry people, which includes lots of children, in our own backyard. Even our veterans have to fight to survive. Have you ever seen families living in shelters or begging for food or a job? Who helps us? No one. We give away plenty. We are always giving to others.

Sometimes in life people need a little boost during trying times. We hope the letter writer never needs a helping hand in between transitional periods in life that sometimes befall people by no fault of their own. Life happens! If the writer had his way there won’t be any kind of help for our own citizens.

Here’s a thought, maybe he can start that contingency of good Samaritans to aid our own people here in the good old USA!




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