Letter: Plot thickens on chemtrails


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Many thanks to Milan Markovic for alerting me to the mysterious high altitude spraying that’s going on ("Chemtrails should be a priority," letter, March 22.) It’s been happening right under my nose -- actually, way above my head -- yet I was completely unaware. Stupid me, I thought those streaks in the sky were "contrails."

Jet engines exhaust a lot of moisture, which freezes at high altitude and creates a vapor trail. How could I have missed the fact that those streaks are actually toxic chemicals being deliberately dispersed? The writer is definitely right about those aircraft being "unknown." Actually, to be honest, pretty much every plane I see in the sky is unknown to me, which is kind of scary when you think about it.

But what if the truth is even more sinister? What if it’s not the content of the spray that is crucial, but rather the pattern? What if it’s a coded message to all the Bigfoots out there to remain concealed for the time being? Or maybe the pilots are in a trance, having been abducted by aliens and messages are being sent to the hybrid aliens that live amongst us? A lot of possibilities to consider.

The writer got his information from "credible sources" which he failed to identify but we can safely assume involves the Internet. I’d urge him to remember the old adage "there is power in numbers." He should seek out others who are alarmed by this phenomena and organize. There is actually a large group already in place that is ripe for recruitment. I’m referring to the "9-11 Truth squad." Not much has been happening lately in the quest to find the real perpetrators who wired the Trade Center towers with explosives and then sent in fake planes as a diversion. Amazingly, calls for a "new investigation" seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Imagine that! Personally, I think this new conspiracy is something they could really sink their teeth into.

Finally, I’m glad to hear that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office has been contacted and her staff is vigorously pursuing this matter. I share Milan’s dismay that they haven’t gotten back to him. Which raises the obvious question: could they be involved?




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