Letter: Police raid is not issue at Eagleton

Police raid is not issue at Eagleton

To the editor:

Thank you for the Feb. 17 article based upon The Eagle's interviews with Eagleton School administrators. I was struck by how the school leaders seem to be attempting to paint themselves as victims of a "heavy-handed" police raid.

Kurt Garavaltis, the school's director of admissions and marketing, seems particularly critical of the investigation. To say "If they had an issue with us, they could have told us without a late-night raid" about the law enforcement officials' execution of a search warrant appears to be a clear attempt to move attention and focus away from the actions of school employees and onto investigators.

By all accounts, police and other law enforcement officials were professional and sensitive during the time they were at the school. The police didn't have "an issue" with school administrators, they had serious and supportable allegations that young people were being mistreated. There is no rationale to expect that police would notify school personnel of these criminal abuse concerns ahead of time.

Rather than spending recourses publicly criticizing the decisions of law enforcement officers, school administrators should: talk to the community about the responsibilities and actions of Eagleton's leadership, and present a plan that outlines the steps they will take to ensure safety at their school.

Glendon Chamberlin, New Marlborough


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