Letter: Political motivation to online comments change

Online comments change is politically motivated

To the editor:

The Eagle has reached a new low. Given your history, that is really saying something. No longer can online readers read or write comments on the stories and opinions you publish. The stated reason is "incivility" of commenters. The many excellent comments (most of which went against your political biases) that existed were flushed along with the few "incivil" comments. There was a system in place to remove "incivil" comments and The Eagle used it. Did that system suddenly fail? Of course not.

Look, let's cut through the nonsense. I believe the real reason you turned them off is the upcoming election. Donald Trump has a tsunami of support and your comments section reflected that. A poll published on The Eagle's online front page had him beating Clinton two to one. Two to one in Berkshire County! Sorry to tell you but Massachusetts went solidly Reagan and we will go solidly Trump no matter what other tricks you pull. Learn to live with it. Just think, you can start bashing a president again in your editorial pages. He doesn't have the magic "D" after his name.

The proof of my theory will be when you put the comments section back in after the election.

Thomas M. Gabianelli, Pittsfield, Editor's note: The Eagle's decision to no longer publish anonymous online comments at the end of articles was motivated by the incivility not by political considerations.


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