Letter: Poor treatment of dementia patients

Poor treatment of dementia patients

To the editor:

This letter is to alert anyone who has a loved one struggling with dementia. When you send a dementia patient to a nursing home you expect the care to include taking care of someone who sits quietly in a wheelchair or who is aggressive.

In my case, my husband was very aggressive and the nursing home told me that I had to send him to a psychiatric hospital in our state and they would medicare him so he could come back to the nursing home. Having no choice, I sent my husband, who was eating, walking, talking and laughing at the time. In two days he was totally unresponsive and in two weeks he was dead.

I feel so guilt-ridden that I had to agree to this horrific plan. It was like he was sent to the gas chamber!

I am writing this to warn and inform anyone in this predicament to beware. I have since heard at least 10 stores with exactly the same results.

Linda Robbins Pittsfield


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