Letter: Pope must step up in Middle East


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

My heart is broken as I see how the Middle East is self-destructing. I am a Catholic, and it is disturbing to me how these ideological terrorists so full of hate are slaughtering Christians, Jews and moderate Muslims and destroying Christian shrines dating back almost 1,600 years. These radical, evil Muslims want to kill all the "infidels" who are not one of them.

Our Holy Father Pope Francis is in a position where he could be very beneficial in possibly bringing peace to this troubled area, and from there to the world. As the head of the Roman Catholic Church and as the head of the Vatican he carries a lot of weight both as a religious and political leader.

He has called for prayers for this area and everything begins and ends with prayer. But what is needed is prayer coupled with action. The Holy Father has to speak out clearly and definitively about this and ask that every Catholic and Christian church and all people of faith storm heaven on behalf of our persecuted brethren.

If this letter is read by one who is in a position to convey this message to Pope Francis it is imperative that he do so now, as the Holy Father just may be the one person who could bring these atrocities to an end.




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