Letter: President Obama is an American success story

President Obama is an American success story

To the editor:

Mr. Trump called President Obama a disaster as a president. I believe that President Obama has been one of the finest presidents our country has ever had.

As a black man who became president of the U.S. only 48 years after the assignation of Martin Luther King Jr. he is a symbol of what America could be. Barack Obama has proven that every American from all walks of life, no matter what color or nationality, can rise to fulfill their dreams.

The American people do not need to be told that America needs to be made great again. America has and always will be great.

George W. Bush, a Republican, opened a can of worms which created today's global terrorism. We need transparency from every candidate running for office. Mr. Trump, the American people need to know how you plan to accomplish and execute all your promises.

Kenneth Chaitman, Dalton


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