Letter: President Trump will get results

President Trump will get results

To the editor:

Many Americans are mystified by the popularity of Donald Trump. I believe Mr. Trump's supporters are comparing Mr. Trump with the "Washington elite," like Hillary Clinton, and are saying we have had enough of that crowd.

Over the past eight years, the Washington elite have made almost no progress in resolving the problems of the national debt, Social Security and Medicare, trade deficits, loss of manufacturing jobs, health care costs and immigration. On inspection, the range of viable solutions to these problems is surprisingly narrow.

The fact that these problems still exist indicates the lack of an effective driver of the congressional process. Obama ignores Congress, and Congress seems content in waiting it out until they get rid of him. Obama fiddles with closing Guantanamo, and the Republicans argue about who is more conservative.

Is it any wonder the voters are turning to a doer and shaker? Most voters examine progress the way I do and are saying the past eight years have been a disaster. We are asking the question, "What are the alternatives?" Definitely not Hillary.

What are the alternatives? With Donald Trump they know there will be solutions rather than false promises. We realize there may be disappointments in style, but there will be results.

Thomas D. Gilardi, Pittsfield


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