Letter: Presidents irrelevant compared to Deep State

Presidents irrelevant compared to Deep State

To the editor:

While everyone is obsessed with politics and the candidates' every word, I have to remind our readers that economics and the failing financial system are both far more important to our lives here on this planet.

Donald Trump is a bigot and an idiot. Being the definition of a complete narcissist, he is in love with being the center of attention. My bet is that he does not even want to become president. His ideal conclusion to the race would be to lose by 1 percent so that he could claim that the vote was rigged.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is the quintessential establishment candidate, beloved by the insiders, the elites who have become known as the Deep State. Although Bernie pushed her to the left during the primaries, you can be sure she'll take a sharp right turn if she is elected.

What I'm saying is that it doesn't really matter who is president. And I'm not just talking about the two current candidates for the office. I'm going back 65 years. The country is and has been controlled by the military and intelligence services, Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, Social Security, medical care, the federal income tax system, the U.S. dollar, the Wall Street banks and the entire financial system itself, including the Federal Reserve.

If the term "Deep State" is too abstract, think of it as a shadow government within the visible government. Or another analogy that comes to mind is an iceberg. The 10 percent above the surface of the water is the visible government that we elected. But the 90 percent below the water is invisible and is where the danger lies. The last president to take on the Deep State was John F. Kennedy, and we all know what happened to him.

If the financial system can hold together for another month, I'd like to describe the potential of what could happen to America literally overnight. But whatever happens, the Deep State and their bribed cronies will be all right. As to the rest of us, they really don't care.

Charles Steinhacker, Great Barrington


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