Letter: Pressure Israel's enemies not peace-seeking Israel

Pressure Israel's enemies not peace-seeking Israel

To the editor:

The June 9 Eagle contained a very short article from the Associated Press about a recent Palestinian terrorist attack in a Tel Aviv restaurant that killed three Israeli civilians. Last week, The Eagle printed extensive coverage of a new French diplomatic initiative, involving many other countries, to force Israel to give up territory to Palestinians.

The Eagle has an obligation to its readers to show the relationship between these two stories — international pressure on Israel to give up territory and the continuous killing of Israeli civilians by Palestinian terrorists.

Israel tried to exchange land for peace in 2005 by evacuating about 8,000 Israeli civilians and the Israeli military from Gaza. This gave the Arabs the opportunity to begin the establishment of a free Palestinian state.

Within two years, Gaza fell under the control of the terrorist organization Hamas. Since then, more than 10,000 rockets and missiles have been fired from Gaza targeting Israeli civilians.

Now, Hamas is digging tunnels into Israel for more terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. The citizens and government of Israel are rightfully concerned that the French initiative may result in more Arab terror attacks, as just occurred in a Tel Aviv restaurant.

Now during the holy month of Ramadan, other Islamic terror attacks may be perpetrated, not only in Israel. Your readers are entitled to have more comprehensive reporting on the Middle East in our Berkshire Eagle.

Martin Silver, Lenox


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