Letter: Pretzel logic employed against ACA


Bob Bockmann's letter of March 14 ("ACA undermines Mass. health plan") seems so preposterous that it could be satire. A barrage of similar pretzel logic emanates continually from many conservatives. It deserves response.

Mr. Bockmann is horrified that he might be briefly without his Mass Health Commonwealth Choice, a government-administered health insurance program (double horrors!). So frightened, in fact, that he wants to be coddled in bubble wrap. Actually, he seems to prefer to simply deprive citizens nationwide of the Affordable Care Act, and their opportunity to have insurance like he does. Insurance very closely modeled after the exact government run-program Mr. Bockmann calls a "great system" that he likes "very much." Insurance that conservatives nationwide work every day to repeal, undermine or destroy.

Conservatives want to kill the ACA not because they are afraid it will fail but because they know it will succeed. Just as it has here in Massachusetts where, heck, even Republicans love it.

Perhaps during Mr. Bockmann's terrifying few weeks without insurance he'll reflect, from the security of his bubble wrap, on his fellow Americans who have lived without health care insurance for most or all of their lives.

Imagine how that must feel. That Mr. Bockmann may possibly go a month without health care, admittedly unfortunate and distressing if it happens, means we have a system he calls "wrecked," all "due to President Obama and the Democrats." And these lousy liberals caused him all this trouble just to provide basic insurance to millions of people who have none.

Happily, folks in Massachusetts, including Mr. Bockmann when he emerges in May from his cocoon, will actually be much better off thanks to
the ACA. You can visit http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/feature-story/top-10-reasons-why-the-affordable-care-act-is-good.html to see why -- there are far too many reasons to list here.

Mr. Bockmann's letter does underscore a fundamental notion: Anyone's bubble can pop. But no one in this great US of A -- whether wealthy or wanting, sincerely compassionate or severely conservative -- should ever have to be scared out of their wits because they might not be able to obtain the health care they need. Thanks to the ACA, that no longer has to happen. Unless the Republicans wreck it.




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