Letter: Privileged voters win in Great Barrington


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

One can’t help to notice how Great Barrington officials are watching out for downtown Great Barrington during the Big Dig. At the end of the day the heavy equipment is out of the way and everything picked up and traffic for the most part moves along.

In Housatonic the same section of road has been closed off for quite a while, equipment left on the road, little signage and in the Town Hall no one cares.

Of course if one paid attention to the May town elections one would see that more people voted from The Hill than Housatonic, which is why the elected town officials bend over backwards to work with the Lake Mansfield crowd. Notice how rules were bent to cater to the fairgrounds and the Housatonic Elementary School remains empty and crumbling and the list goes on.

The moral is if you stay home on Election Day no one in office will care about you. When 66 percent of the voters from Precinct B don’t vote, "important’’ people forget about you.

So the next time you drive by and see all the improvements around Lake Mansfield and how well traffic flows in downtown Great Barrington, remember you helped that happen by staying home and not casting a vote.

Oh, that $52 million school renovation project is coming up and guess what the Berkshire Hills Regional School District wants you to do -- continue to stay home and not vote.


Great Barrington


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