Letter: Pro-Trump vandalism worsened by response

Pro-Trump vandalism worsened by response

To the editor:

Because of my unsupportive feelings about Donald Trump, I chose to display a sign saying "Donald Trump is a Vulgar Pig" on my property in lovely Lenox. Just past this sign, still on my property, are a pair of newly restored eight-foot granite posts waiting for their new painted gate. You guessed it, one post was defaced in large, black, magic marker with "TRUMP TOWER" written across it.

This cowardly act by a "Trump deplorable" obviously was done under the cover of the nighttime darkness. But this is only part of this story.

Equaling infuriating, when I'd decided to report this crime to the Lenox Police Department, the officer on duty, after hearing my complaint, laughed in my face. "This is not funny" was my response, as I looked at him, quite dumbfounded!

To say the least, I was stunned with such an unprofessional, undignified response from a town employee who relies on our taxes to pay his extremely healthy salary!

Two very wrongs have not made this right!

Christine Jordan, Lenox


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